Be inspired to change your life, regardless of where you are or what’s happened to you.

"Lasting change happens when a person truly wants to change, they believe the change they desire is possible AND they have the resources to achieve it." - Jennifer Tracy

As a speaker...
Jennifer creates a safe atmosphere where you are challenged to look inward and desire personal growth.
Jennifer gets people to DO without saying DON'T.
Jennifer will help you...
Find the courage within to NEVER, EVER give up.
Gain a new perspective that "lightens" your load.
Discover the power in self awareness.
Replace excuses with empowerment.

Not only has Jennifer shown me that my job matters, but I can also apply it to my personal life as well... every officer needs to see Jennifer speak because it proves that our jobs truly matter, it truly does save lives."

–Ken Koloski - Fort Collins Police Services

Jennifer has an uncanny way to speak to individuals no matter how big the audience, so you feel personally touched and moved by her inspiring word."

–Donovan Dryer - Get Ready Coaching

I highly recommend you schedule a presentation with Jennifer. Her message is powerfully inspiring in how to move forward in the wake of tragedy”

–Doug Erler, Director Weld County Justice Services Department

Jennifer Tracy will inspire you to change the relationship you have with yourself...which changes everything.

Each and every obstacle that Jennifer faced made her look in the mirror and ask herself if she would allow life circumstances to change her into something she didn't want to be.

Through all of this, she learned that while her environment didn’t always improve, she could. Living with PTSD challenged Jennifer to find the courage to seek help when it was needed and to acquire the necessary tools to flourish amidst the storms.

Top Keynotes

Be Present. Be The Change. Be A Part of Something Bigger.

Keep MOVING...

Passionate Inspiration To Move Forward

Come away knowing that the work you do matters. Connect with the fierce commitment it takes to be happy, successful and passionate individuals and team members in a work environment that is full of stress and adversity. Discover the key elements it takes to find emotional endurance and how to turn frustration and pain into power.

Be Heard

Look Forward To Work And Life

We live in a society that lacks personal connection. Transform your work environment by learning a proven communication system that helps those in attendance learn how to open up, share and ask for what they want in a way that honors individuals and is rewarding. Simple daily shifts in the way you work can help everyone achieve higher levels of success.

Community Change Catalyst Programs

Changing Communities ... One Life At A Time

Dare You to Move

A Program that addresses the tough topics of today’s society head on. Everybody has pain and hurt. Looking for solutions on topics such as Drugs/Alcohol Addiction, Impaired Driving, Abuse, Mental Health, Crime and Celebrating Diversity? This a great prevention program, works well alongside current court ordered classes and for those wanting inspiration to change through grief, addiction, loss or chronic pain. Jennifer's transparency lights the way and her lessons give others the tools needed to be successful.

The Forgiveness GamePlan

After 3 hours you will no doubt shed tears, but the FREEDOM you feel will be worth it. Something or someone has caused you to hurt, feel angry or desire revenge and this project will take you through a process that Jennifer personally used to forgive the man that killed her husband and daughter. Think of this project like a landmark, the beginning of your relationship with this word "forgiveness." Learn the 3 things every relationship requires. Forgiving those that miss the mark. Yikes, that's all of us!

Call For BackUp

Ready to hear from "Someone's who been there?" Jennifer will share with you and your team her personal story with suicide and the fight it took to save her life after being diagnosed with PTSD. This workshop helps those in attendance discover symptoms of mental and emotional obstacles that are a result of the job. Learn what it took for Jennifer to survive years of adversity. She talks about her experiences with EMDR, medication, self help techniques and some that she has developed herself. Those in attendance will walk away with an action plan to make positive changes for themselves.

Jennifer’s presentation encompasses so much that kids need to hear...not just the drinking and driving, but how to survive your childhood, depression, hope and creating a meaningful life."

—Iris Davis RN, BSN

Jennifer has put together an incredible presentation that has a real ability to positively impact the lives of those who attend. Everyone in attendance was moved through the entire spectrum of emotions and it really pointed out the immense power that hope and inspiration can have"

—Alexander Michaud, MS, LPCC, NCC,

You made a big difference in my life and helped me to remain abstinent from alcohol. I have shared your story with others in hopes that they too will never make the mistake I've made by drinking and driving"

—Lamar Thompson

"Forgiveness is the sum of our choices,
the courage of our commitments and the tie that binds." —Jennifer Tracy

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