Jennifer Tracy battled suicide, a tragic family car crash that buried her husband and daughter, as well as a life-threatening brain malformation...
EACH situation poised to be the final blow.

Jennifer refused to give in to the voice that told her to give up. The voice that told her she wasn't worth it, and that she should end her life.


Jennifer will inspire you to change the relationship you have with yourself... which changes everything.

As your coach Jennifer knows the overwhelming obstacles that stand in the way of your success. The real fear of losing everything that's important to you.

Living with PTSD challenged Jennifer to find the inner courage to seek help when it was needed.

Nowhere along the way did someone offer me a plan on how to successfully navigate the battle I was facing. That is why I created one. 

Every successful business owner knows the importance of having a plan. Winning a mental health battle is no different.

1 Inspire

Behind every successful team and player is an imperfect coach inspiring their players to push through, endure, never give up and ultimately to succeed!

"In order to initiate the level of courage I needed to endure and keep moving, I had to tap into the power of my choice AND partner with a loving God that can bring purpose from the deepest pain." —Jennifer Tracy

As a coach Jennifer...
creates a safe atmosphere where you are challenged to look inward and desire personal growth.
infuses HOPE and offers real solutions.
propels you towards positive action.
Jennifer will help you...
find the courage within to NEVER, EVER give up.
gain a new perspective to "lighten" your load.
discover how to master the battle within.
replace excuses with empowerment.
learn how to forgive yourself & others.

When I was in the Psychiatric Unit, I realized I didn't love myself! I genuinely felt my daughters were better off without me.

Today you can start with 21 Powerful yet simple daily actions to propel learning to love yourself in a positive forward motion. 

The 21 Day Kick- Start will help you:

Grow Your Inner Confidence...

Calm Your Negative Mind...

Equip Yourself With New Tools...

Unpack The Meaning of Forgiveness...

I've packed some of my most powerful teachings into this Kick-Start.

Don't take my word for it, see what other's have to say about it!

"Whatever road you've walked—one of faith, poor choices or despair—Jennifer lights the way to show you how the power of HOPE can help you FORGIVE & TRULY LIVE."

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