Whatever road you've walked—one of faith, poor choices or despair—Jennifer lights the way to show you how the power of HOPE can help you FORGIVE & TRULY LIVE.

"In order to initiate the level of change I needed, I had to be willing to partner with God." —Jennifer Tracy

As a speaker Jennifer...
creates a safe atmosphere where you are challenged to look inward and desire personal growth.
gets people to DO without saying DON'T.
infuses HOPE and leaves people CHANGED.
Jennifer will help you...
find the courage within to NEVER, EVER give up.
gain a new perspective to "lighten" your load.
discover how to master the battle within.
replace excuses with empowerment.

Not only has Jennifer shown me that my job matters, but I can also apply it to my personal life as well... every officer needs to see Jennifer speak because it proves that our jobs truly matter, it truly does save lives."

–Ken Koloski - Fort Collins Police Services

Jennifer has an uncanny way to speak to individuals no matter how big the audience, so you feel personally touched and moved by her inspiring word."

–Donovan Dryer - Get Ready Coaching

I highly recommend you schedule a presentation with Jennifer. Her message is powerfully inspiring in how to move forward in the wake of tragedy”

–Doug Erler, Director Weld County Justice Services Department

Community Change Catalyst Programs

"Lasting change happens when a person truly wants to change, they believe the change they desire is possible AND they have the resources to achieve it." - Jennifer Tracy

Dare You to Move

Have you ever sat through a program that has helped people move through grief, addiction, abuse, suicide, mental & physical health and other life challenges? The Dare You to Move CHANGE Program has been doing that, for people of all ages for almost a decade.

The Forgiveness GamePlan

Do you struggle with the word "forgiveness?" This CHANGE Program will help you identify what forgiveness is, how to make it work in your daily life and assist you in finding freedom. Jennifer takes you through the steps she personally created to forgive the man who killed her husband and daughter.

Call For BackUp

This CHANGE Program is your frontline defense to prevent and bring awareness to the face of depression, PTSD and anxiety. You will discover your options and develop a real plan of action to implement so you can get the help you need to move forward in life.

"Forgiveness is the sum of our choices,
the courage of our commitments and the tie that binds." —Jennifer Tracy

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