Call For BackUp

Save Lives and Keep Moving

Call For BackUp

What can you accomplish in 3 hours? How about saving the lives of your First Responders. Are their members in your work place that are suffering silently? Help your employees by identifying the potential signs and symptoms of PTSD. Choose a preventive approach for the sake of your employees and their families.

"Call For BackUp" is your front line defense to combat the long term effects in a line of work that can cause mental/emotional stress disorders.

Jennifer shares the steps it took for her to never throw in the towel, persevere despite social stigma and fight to overcome self-defeating behaviors...

Be proactive and address the ever present emotional trauma associated with this line of work.
Change the social stigma by improving department culture.
Learn from someone who's overcome overwhelming adversity.
Increase productivity in the work place.
Retain your agencies greatest assets by preventing burnout.
Reduce personnel issues by addressing stress in the home and work environment.
Help your team ADD emotional and mental conditioning to their daily routine.

Participants, will learn from Jennifer's personal experience with EMDR, therapy, medication, self-help practices and some techniques she's developed, how to move forward in a positive direction.

This workshop ends with an action plan approach where those in attendance take an inventory of themselves. Jennifer provides information that allows you to make the decision to take any steps you feel could improve the quality of your work/home life or overall well being.

"As a police officer, we, unfortunately, see people in the worst points of their life.  It’s difficult to stay afloat and see that there is good in the world.  Jennifer was that light for me.  Her strength, her compassion, has proven to me that good always triumphs over evil.  She took the worst time in her life and turned it around to give lives back to the people she speaks to. I have become a better officer after hearing Jennifer speak. . .  Not only has Jennifer shown me that my job matters, but I can also apply it to my personal life as well. I believe every officer needs to see Jennifer speak because it proves that our jobs truly matter, it truly does save lives."

—Ken Koloski- Fort Collins Police Services

Jennifer Tracy and Amber Lynn with Colorado State Patrol Chief Hernandez.

Jennifer's message saves lives... she's resilient and has overcome great odds .”

—Chief Hernandez, Colorado State Patrol

Berthoud Fire District

Jennifer spent three days with our line firefighters presenting two excellent presentations, both equipped our firefighters with information to assist in dealing with the day to day stresses of the job. I highly recommend every Fire Fighter and First Responder have the chance to attend these.”

—Chief Charles, Berthoud Fire District

Randy Carter

Being a police officer, people think that we have great strength and courage to do our jobs. Real strength and courage is to move forward and to share with others the tragedy that happens in a persons life so that others don't have to go through the same pain”

—Randy Carter, Weld County Law Enforcement

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