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The Forgiveness GamePlan

Jennifer has put together an incredible presentation that has a real ability to positively impact the lives of those who attend. Everyone in attendance was moved through the entire spectrum of emotions and  it really pointed out the immense power that hope and inspiration can have."

—Alexander Michaud MS, LPCC, NCC

Anger and pain is real, so is the hurt you feel.

This original concept is like nothing you've experienced before. What you’ll be learning is Jennifer's own personal method of turning pain into power. This method was used to change the way she saw herself and others despite losing her husband and daughter, being diagnosed with PTSD, and suffering childhood abuse.

With the Forgiveness GamePlan, you’ll be equipped with the tools to accept what you can't change and focus on the one thing you can change, and that is you.

You won't have to face this alone, though. This project is deliverable in workshop format or one-one if you prefer.

To learn more about the Forgiveness GamePlan and see how it can help you, contact me today!

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