'Together we are stronger" Jennifer Tracy

Randy Carter

Weld County Officer Randy Carter

"Having children myself, I could only imagine the pain and horror this family was going to go through.  Having had to notify more families than I care to remember about losing a loved in a crash, I remember thinking to myself that the coroner and victim advocate from State Patrol was going to have to do one of the worst things in law enforcement - notify the family about this crash.  In law enforcement, we'd rather issue 100 tickets or do 100 DUI arrests than to have to deal with a fatal crash; especially crashes involving children.

Several years later, when I first met Jennifer and McKayla, I had no idea what they have endured.  Even now, to show the positive and strength to move forward is very impressive.  Being a police officer, people think that we have to have great strength and courage to do our jobs.  Real strength and courage is to move forward and to share with others the tragedy that happens in a person's life so that others don't have to go through the same pain.  I could not do it, I don't have the strength and courage that is displayed by Jennifer, McKayla, and Amber!  They truly are living examples of what they promote..."

Randy Carter- Weld County Law Enforcement

Claire Lingle

Claire Lingle

Hi there. I was at the panel at the Lincoln Center on June 12th. I was in the 3rd row towards the middle in my blue scrubs for work. Hearing your story has truly changed my life. My DUI was by far the biggest mistake I've ever made, and I knew that as soon as it happened. I have always been a fast learner and have never gotten in trouble for the same thing twice. But I am confident in the promise I made to myself and now to you that I will never do this ever again! I am currently enrolled in my level two education and one thing the instructor told me that really stuck was that we needed to find a symbol to help prevent us from re-offending. I was struggling with figuring out what that would be, until now. I have chosen to use the song Dare You To Move as my symbol. In the future if I go out with friends to drink, I will listen to this amazing song and remember your story. I remember when I got arrested I did thank the officer for pulling me over when he did. Since then I have wanted to get in touch with him again to thank him in a sober, more genuine way, but have always been "too busy" to actually make that happen. After tonight I will most definitely be getting a hold of him to thank him for stopping me when he did and doing his job so well to protect our community, so I did not hurt anyone the way you and yours have been hurt. I will carry your story with me for the rest of my life. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the strength and courage to stand up in front of all of us and share your story. I know it was painful and a very difficult thing to do. I respect you all more than I can put into words. Thanks again, and I will carry you in my thoughts and prayers always. Claire Lingle 6/13/2013

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