Forgiveness is much like a relationship. Every relationship requires commitment, courage and the choice to stay in it. Webster's Dictionary defines forgiveness as "ceasing to hold anger or resentment towards the offender." What a lot of people don't realize is that while you may stop holding the anger towards anyone, the pain of the offense may still carry on. This is where a lot of people get caught up in the back and forth cycle of anger. Some suppress it, which can lead to depression. Some take it our on themselves or others and some can find themselves being passive aggressive. What if instead, you asked yourself how you might be able to honor the pain in the most positive way possible. What if you used the anger as energy to go create positive change? What if the thing that was meant to destroy is the thing that stares you in the face everyday and is a challenge that awaits you? If you have forgiven someone, yet the emotion of the offense still remains you may benefit by going through The Forgiveness GamePlan. If you have regret that you can't figure out how to work though this is the workshop for you. In this workshop we work together through, grief, regret and anger to discover where the lack of forgiveness is hurting you and those you love. Contact me today to inquire about finding freedom in letting go. My Best, Jennifer

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