Warriors Redefining The Mission


For years I’ve known that I was a warrior and I’ve found myself longing for a team, unit, brotherhood, sisterhood- a band of brothers and sisters who want to fight this mental health battle together.

As a leader, it has been incredibly tough to find other leaders who could handle both my warrior spirit, vulnerability, AND were ready to fight this battle together.

It is with great respect that I share with you that together Shauna Springer, Ph.D. and David Arthur, MDiv CE, MRT, RBLP-C, and I have teamed up to bring you a powerful bundle to help you win the mental health battle that you are facing! WARRIORS REDEFINING THE MISSION-

Shauna has just released her book “WARRIOR” which is included in our bundle!

David is an incredible warrior with 16+ years of combat experience that will change the way you view your battle both personally and how it affects those on the home front. You don’t want to miss these lessons. Again, I’m honored to join forces. Preorder [REDIFINING THE MISSION] and get “WARRIOR” today with added bonus audio addition, only available in this bundle.

In the past few weeks, Shauna‘s work has recently been featured by CNN, Business Insider, US News and World Report, CBS Radio Eye on Veterans, Psychology Today, Military Times and more. She is a true warrior in the trenches fighting alongside those whom we respect and honor.


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