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Hi, I'm Jennifer Tracy

I had no idea how incredibly hard it would be to find life on the other side of losing my husband and daughter, being diagnosed with PTSD, and surviving traumatic brain surgery.

As your coach and advocate, I know the overwhelming obstacles that stand in the way of your success and want to rob you of hope. 

I've been where you are, and my life's purpose is to help you find life on the other side of what you are facing.

Through the power of forgiveness, I've helped countless thousands find hope, real solutions, the courage to love themselves, and learn how to grow regardless of their life circumstances.

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I've been Where You Are

I also Know The Daily Actions Needed To Find Life On The Other Side... 

Chances are, if you are struggling you want answers,

real answers to the real problems you are facing. Am I Right?

Millions of good hearted people are walking around feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

Today can be the day that changes for you! 

You can begin the journey of finding life on the other side of what you are facing!

Imagine How It Would Feel To:

Have a system in place to process daily failure. (Create a working definition of forgiveness so you can forgive yourself & others. I'll teach you what to do with ANGER)
Honor all of your emotions and stop stuffing how you feel.
Replace excuses with empowerment.
Change your perspective on the dark seasons of life and accept that they are necessary for growth.
Stay focused on what makes you come alive inside, and never give up.
Be fully known and accepted in your imperfections YET be graciouly held accountable at the same time.
Discover how to master the battle within.
From The Deepest Darkness To The Light of Hope by Jennifer Tracy

Experiential Book with Workbook Included

Book/Workbook and Journal All In One

Let Jennifer walk with you through depression, anxiety, grief, PTSD, and possibly even thoughts of suicide. This book will uncover powerful lessons you can apply today.

Jennifer changed my way of thinking SO much!

I just feel like I think things through more now in a positive sense and I finally have figured out I can’t fix all the things I want to. And I’m getting better at accepting that!!
You helped me with confidence I didn’t know I had and a new way to look at what others might be going through and though I may not truly understand all they are dealing with...I will not judge them as harshly! I’m more sympathetic but I’m trying to not enable and let myself get walked on at the same time.
-Sue Schilder

Jennifer is genuine and kind so it's easy to feel comfortable and relaxed during your time with her. She presents ideas and concepts in new ways that reshape your understanding of them. I left with tools to use at home and in the future."

–Morgan Grimm- Small Business Owner

Jennifer has helped me endure through some tough seasons of life. She helps you find your own inner courage despite what you're facing."

–Darbi Dean -Ziesler- Dental Hygienist

For anyone struggling with or prone to depression, this is a great resource! The lessons are short enough to feel manageable, even when you don’t have the energy to do much. Jennifer combines practical tools and questions to help you dig deeper."

–Andrea Bowen- US Armed Forces

"In order to initiate the level of courage I needed to endure and keep moving, I had to tap into the power of my choice AND partner with a loving God that can bring purpose from the deepest pain." —Jennifer Tracy

creates a safe atmosphere where you are challenged to look inward and desire personal growth.
infuses HOPE and offers real solutions.
propels you towards positive action.
Jennifer will help you...
find the courage within to NEVER, EVER give up.
gain a new perspective to "lighten" your load.
fight through fear to find your inner courage.
replace excuses with empowerment.
Stop beating yourself up over your imperfections!

I remember my battle with suicide like it was yesterday.

Are your thoughts telling you to give up? That you aren't worth it? That it will never get better? I've been there. Please let me help you. You don't have to fight this alone.





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