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Dare You To Move

Dare You to Move

Jennifer has put together an incredible presentation that has a real ability to positively impact the lives of those who attend. Everyone in attendance was moved through the entire spectrum of emotions and  it really pointed out the immense power that hope and inspiration can have."

—Alexander Michaud MS, LPCC, NCC

Your Life's Story


Our lives are a story... pages written by the way we handle what life throws at us...

–Jennifer Tracy

Invite Jennifer today to save lives. She boldly shares topics like suicide, grief, abuse, faith, and what it takes to keep moving during challenging times in life.

Whatever the situation, the “Dare You to Move” program acts as a catalyst for positive, lasting community change and encourages those in attendance to move toward a healthy, positive life.

Ready to take the “dare”?

To be a part of changing lives contact Jennifer today.

~No judgment zone

~Stigma stops here

~Celebrate diversity

Jennifer is a fantastic speaker who has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of students at Smoky Hill High School.  She has spoken twice at our annual Asset Day event and made a great impact both times.  Jennifer's presentation includes her telling her own personal story of tragedy, but she then connects on a personal level with students by being an example of not letting tragedy destroy you.  Her message is both one of caution and hope.  She encourages students to face their own challenges head-on in a positive manner that will help propel them towards a better future."

—Scott J. Cohen, Activities Director/Assistant to the Principal, Student Government Sponsor