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Fix Mother & Daughter


You'll appreciate her impatience with that worn out saying of "turning lemons into lemonade." We all know that not all adversity is the same. And often, we must do more than just "make lemonade."

Jennifer's speech won't disappoint you!

She stands before you as someone who’s “been there.” Stuck in the dark depths of absolute emotional and physical turmoil.

Turmoil from some of life’s worst tragedies, including losing her husband and daughter to a drunk driver, being diagnosed with PTSD, and suffering childhood abuse.

Yet for all the pain she's endured, she refused to accept being a “victim,” or staying stuck. Digging herself out required courage, "Calling for Backup" and consistently staying focused on her end goals.

Jennifer will surly change you and those who are in attendance with her perspective, show you how to turn pain into power, become more resilient, and infuse passion back into your personal life and possibly your career.

Ready to be inspired by her hope to forgive and truly LIVE?



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Keep Moving- Resiliency!
Truly Live- Living with a Life Sentence- Chronic Pain, Suicide, Depression, PTSD!
Call For BackUp-Stop Faking It & Tap Into Real Courage!
Choosing the No-Judgement Zone-Forgiveness!
Relationships and Communication!

I fully endorse Jennifer Tracy as a speaker and transformational leader. Jennifer gets you fired up to make a comeback in life, to make a change and to really contribute to making a difference with your own life...You come away from her talk with momentum to make changes”

—Donovan Dreyer, GetReadyCoaching

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Jennifer is an amazing individual and an inspiration to everyone she meets. If you are looking for a dynamic motivational speaker, you will want to consider Jennifer. I guarantee she will make an impact in your life!"

–Greg Jameson - Best Selling Author | Speaker

Lives Changed One By One

Dare You To Move

Jennifer is a fantastic speaker who has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of students at Smoky Hill High School.  She has spoken twice at our annual Asset Day event and made a great impact both times.  Jennifer's presentation includes her telling her own personal story of tragedy, but she then connects on a personal level with students by being an example of not letting tragedy destroy you.  Her message is both one of caution and hope.  She encourages students to face their own challenges head-on in a positive manner that will help propel them towards a better future."

—Scott J. Cohen, Activities Director/Assistant to the Principal, Student Government Sponsor

I highly recommend Jennifer. Her message is powerfully inspiring in how to move forward in the wake of tragedy”

–Doug Erler, Director Weld County Justice Services Department

Weld County Victims Rights

Colorado State Patrol

Jennifer's message saves lives... she's resilient and has overcome great odds .”

—Chief Hernandez, Colorado State Patrol

Beauty from Ashes - 2014

Jennifer has put together an incredible presentation that has a real ability to positively impact the lives of those who attend. Everyone in attendance was moved through the entire spectrum of emotions and it really pointed out the immense power that hope and inspiration can have.”

—Alex Michaud, MS, LPCC, NCC Riverpathcolorado.com

Jennifer changes lives. I've seen it in person. She can take an audience of any size and hold them in the palm of her hand. She is professional to a fault, task-oriented, timely and everything she does, she does from the heart. I only wish she had several clones so the world can experience her magic. If you have an opportunity to work with Jennifer, do it.”

—Chasen Chess,  Author | Professional Speaker

Thompson Cares-Loveland

Banner McKee - Women of Spirit

Girls Night Out- Brighton CO

Jennifer helps you feel comfortable in your skin and helps you see the importance of, mental health!"

—Girls Night Out, Platte Valley Medical Center

Suicide Prevention Events

Community Events

Community of Faith - Branson, MO

Women of Spirit Brighton, Co

CSU College Students

Middle Schools

Call For BackUp

Loveland Police Department

Berthoud Fire

Community Event


State grant money aside, Tracy’s message was a simple one when she spoke Monday.

“There are so many things in this world you cannot control,” she said. “Do not give away one of the things we can — please buckle up, for every trip, at every speed.”

– J Simmons, Greeley Tribune

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