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The Forgiveness GamePlan

As a friend and client of Jennifer Tracy, I have experienced an understanding of True Forgiveness through "The Forgiveness GamePlan …I have also attended quite a few presentations Jennifer has given. She is open, honest and willing to admit her struggles, which helps one realize that we are not alone… For once, I felt no judgement, condemnation and the hope that continuing my walk in Christianity is a beautiful relationship with both God and myself. I am looking forward to future insight from Jennifer and am ever so grateful."

—Shannon Helvie

My partner and I completed the Forgiveness Workshop together with Jennifer; we both got so much out of it. Jennifer is genuine and kind so it is easy to feel comfortable and relaxed during your time with her. She presents ideas and concepts in new ways that reshape your understanding of them. We both left with tools for us to use at home and in the future"

–Morgan Grimm - 

Jennifer’s presentation encompasses so much that kids need to hear...not just the drinking and driving, but how to survive your childhood, depression, hope and creating a meaningful life."

—Iris Davis RN, BSN

WE know this word Forgiveness ... but how do we use it to create lasting change?

Do You Know what True Forgiveness is?

Anger and pain are real, so is the hurt you feel.

This original workshop is like nothing you've experienced before.

Join Jennifer's for a 3-hour workshop. Together you will learn what forgiveness is and how to use it to create lasting change. This method was used to change the way she saw herself and others despite losing her husband and daughter, being diagnosed with PTSD, and suffering childhood abuse. You will learn 3 things that will change the way you view and use forgiveness. Learning to even forgive yourself!

With the Forgiveness GamePlan, you’ll be equipped with the tools to accept what you can't change and focus on the one thing you can change, and that is you.

You won't have to face this alone, though. This project is deliverable in a workshop format, one-one, and soon to be online.

To learn more about the Forgiveness GamePlan and see how it can help you, contact Jennifer today!

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