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#No Words

This song was written for my daughter Brittany Anne, whose precious life was taken at the age of 9. I share it with those of you that know the pain of grief, loss, despair, and heartbreak. As you listen to this song, it is my hope that you feel my inner battle to honor pain and loss, yet also feel this aching, and beckoning to find a way to LIVE, really LIVE, this life I have. I'm so incredibly thankful that I can say with God's help and some very sweet Brittany moments... I have found my way through that dark valley... my wish for you is to find your way through as well!

—Jennifer Tracy

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-Behind the song- Many years ago I sat down to finish this song that I wrote for my daughter Brittany. I tried over and over to come up with words to express the range of emotions that I have felt. After years of trial and error, it finally occurred to me, there are "No Words" to express the journey that one takes when you bury a loved one, especially a child. Honestly, I've looked in the dictionary to try to find a word, it doesn't exist. I know that it takes a lot of inner work to come to a place within yourself to make the decision to live again. Brittany, I dedicate this song to you. Thank you for the overwhelming peace I feel in knowing that you would want for me to live every single minute that I have left on this earth. I love and miss you terribly... until I see you again, I will remember the final hug and kiss we shared!

#This is not your End...

The first time I heard this song it sent chills up my spine. I knew very little about Michaelah (I learned later that she is a very accomplished singer and song writer)....for a song written in 13 minutes in response to yet another suicide, it is inspiring to say the least. I love the title to this song and I'm so honored that she has allowed me to use it as a mantra. May God continue to bless this wife/husband duo "The Keepers Co"

—Jennifer Tracy

The Keepers Co

-Behind the song- One morning I woke up to the news that yet another person took their life. I didn’t know what to do with the emotions inside of me so I ran upstairs grabbed my guitar and in 13 minutes wrote a song expressing the deepest desire of my heart. That I don’t know you, I don’t know what you’ve gone through, I don’t know what brought you to the place you’re at now...but I want you to know that THIS is not your End... “And in your weakness I’ll be strong, I’ll lift your head above the waves crashing on and on. You’ve been drowning far too long.” If you need help reach out. Let others help you hold your head above water. National Suicide prevention hotline: tel:1-800-273-8255

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