The Pain

The system to process pain and anger!

Have you ever read the gospels and heard Jesus say, “forgive, and you shall be forgiven” and say to yourself – yep, I want to do that, but I don’t know how? Have you ever have conversations inside your mind over things that hurt you and know that you’re supposed to forgive, but instead, you…

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No Right Answers

For over a decade now, this time of year has been a struggle for me. But honestly, it wasn’t always like that. When my daughters were young, I truly enjoyed the holiday season. Every year, without fail, we spent Thanksgiving at my mom’s, we made homemade Christmas gifts, baked goodies and I genuinely looked forward…

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“What Was Her Name? He asked me.”

My heart remains very heavy today. Yesterday, our cities, state, and country recognized a fallen officer from the Adams County Sheriff’s department. It was reported across social media, televised on major networks, and appeared in many newspapers. Many of us watched and paid our respects, thoughts, and prayers to those closest to him… On all…

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