Busting Through Fear

Hi, I am so excited to welcome you to my online change courses. Are you ready to bust through some fears? These courses are designed to help “You” change the relationship that you have with “You.” For the past 10 years, I have done most of my professional work speaking, to both large and small crowds. I absolutely love to speak. As it turns out, I like to write too, lol!

Almost three years ago I was compelled to write and publish my first book… Inside “The Mind” of Suicide… From Deepest Darkness To The Light of Hope. One reason I wrote this book was I found that while speaking, many people assumed that I was suicidal after my husband and daughter were killed. That is not the truth. It felt to me that others thought to be “suicidal” in this situation was almost normal and no one would have judged me for those thoughts. This actually made me angry. The truth is, I battled suicide as a young mom of three little girls and the shame, stigma, and fight that I had to go through almost took my life. That battle with suicide became so fierce that I had to make the bravest decision that a 26-year-old mother of three could do. I had to walk myself into the psychiatric unit.

Since the day I buried my husband and daughter in a tragic car crash, things have not let up for me. In 2007 I buried my mom and one of my uncles killed himself, and in 2012 I survived traumatic brain surgery. Look, I’m not sharing these things with you because I want you to feel sorry for me. Over the course of the last 20 years, I have come to realize that pain, shame, stigma, and adversity have become great teachers. 🙂

It is my absolute honor to have you here. It is my hope that you find answers to some of the battles and problems you are facing. 

This is not a blow fluff up your skirt kinda place. Although, I will do my best to insert some laughter and bloopers in my courses. This is a place to get real and gritty about some very tough issues that our country is facing right now.

Change is not a magic pill, so if you think that by taking one course that it will change everything, then I suggest that you rethink that one. 

My purpose is to come alongside you, help you evaluate where you are, what has brought you to this moment and then offer some real solutions that you can put into place today. However, you have to make the decision each and every day to be dedicated to changing yourself. Only you can do that.

Again, I am so honored that you are here.

Oh, and the title of this post is “Breaking Free From Fear.” Ya, just so you know, launching these courses have required so much courage on my part. I’ve had to push through an incredible amount of fear to bring this into fruition. Can I tell you why? I work really well when I have real people in front of me. When I speak, I know who my audience is, so I tailor my speech to that audience. I love the interactions that happen when I speak.

So, as I ask you to bust through the fears that you have in regard to topics we are working on, just know that I am having to bust through my own fears too.

These courses about depression, PTSD, suicide, grief, addiction, faith, God, chronic pain and more are tough subjects to take on. To take them on, not knowing who the person is on the other side of the video has been such a step out of my comfort zone. Take a peek here <COURSES>

It is my hope to help as many people as possible. Even if it’s in one small way, then I have done my job.

Please, I ask that you be gracious. It’s not easy to air your dirty laundry about suicide, depression, grief and such.

Again, I am so honored that you are here. 

With Love, Hope and Happiness,