Significant Justice

Parole Hearing Channel 7 News

Parole Hearing Channel 7 News

A few thoughts as I reflect on our decision to forgive the man that killed our loved ones and our deep passion to see‪ #significantJUSTICEjennifertracy

Forgiveness is not a new concept, yet it can be a hard one for some to live!

To be prepared for the events over the last few days I spoke with McKayla Gray and Amber Lynn Gray about the fact that some people would see our choices as courageous and strong and others would not. We knew this and our passion and mission did not rest on what others think of what we did. We are not attached to the choices and actions of others. I wanted to make sure they both were ready for the opposition. WE WERE READY! Your support was beautiful, so was your opposition! Both fuel our passion and mission. Through your support you linked arms with us, through your opposition, you gave us a reason to continue the mission, YOU BECAME THE PEOPLE THAT WE ARE FIGHTING FOR!

Your reaction to “Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness and #significantJustice” is really a reflection of the condition of YOUR OWN HEART. Chances are pretty high that if you ‪#‎hate others or have no forgiveness for those that screw up, that you don’t love yourself either…. and are need of the same love that we were offering to a man that has lived behind bars because of his actions.

I can’t in clean conscious stand here and tell you that I have done everything right in my life, and that there weren’t times that my actions could have harmed another, therefore…… I forgive myself for that and I forgive others.

Please do not mistake my position here: If you kill people you should have to face the consequence of your actions! I am not saying that the punitive piece of our system should be completely removed, I am saying that it should always be upheld with restoration for everyone involved in mind. I am opposed to abuse of any kind and will fight to protect the innocent, but offering the offender a chance to make it right opens the door to a beautiful thing I call ‪#‎significantPOWERjennifertracy

Yesterday, that pile of shit I was left with on August 11th 2004 continued to grow beautiful flowers… because of forgiveness…. I saw the seeds of hope and redemption continue to grow. We are not talking about taking lemons and making lemonade, death in this fashion calls for stronger words… that is why I use the word SHIT… because shit stinks, and no one wants to be around it, but man can it grow the most beautiful flowers.

To all of you that said hateful things about us or find hate in your own heart…
I still care about you!

Thank you all for the support and love we felt yesterday….

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