Jennifer’s Story

Just For Today…I AM…

In my life, I’ve Been a lot of things… DaughterWifeMotherAuntSisterGrand Daughter FriendFoe Abused Survivor Beautiful Adultress Liar Teacher MercifulScared Business OwnerSuccessful A Failure Faithful Courageous WrongRight SadFunnyGoofy LostStupid SmartConfused Broken Driven Pursued GrievedBetrayedWidowed DivorcedHomeless LovedHated Even though I’ve been all of these and more, I’ve come to realize that some of these things will never…

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No Right Answers

For over a decade now, this time of year has been a struggle for me. But honestly, it wasn’t always like that. When my daughters were young, I truly enjoyed the holiday season. Every year, without fail, we spent Thanksgiving at my mom’s, we made homemade Christmas gifts, baked goodies and I genuinely looked forward…

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Today I’m Thankful I Didn’t End My Life!

I am over the top~~~~~ thankful that in a few days I will share the stage with my beautiful daughter Amber Lynn and cast yet another ripple of hope, joy, and faith. With courage and grit, I will share the strength of my heart with those who are struggling and those coming to find a…

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“What Was Her Name? He asked me.”

My heart remains very heavy today. Yesterday, our cities, state, and country recognized a fallen officer from the Adams County Sheriff’s department. It was reported across social media, televised on major networks, and appeared in many newspapers. Many of us watched and paid our respects, thoughts, and prayers to those closest to him… On all…

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Jennifer Tracy e-Lookbook

Overview of the story, ministry and resources from Inspirational Speaker and Author of Inside ‘The Mind’ of Suicide by Jennifer Tracy. Please join the mailing list to request your Lookbook download. Jennifertracy-inspire.com. Lookbook exclusively available to members of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association through the marketing and branding services of #barefacedcreative.

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Jennifer Tracy: The Courage That God Provides

by Emily Walton in Leading Hearts Magazine NOT VERY MANY PEOPLE CAN SUM UP THEIR WHOLE LIFE IN ONE WORD, BUT JENNIFER TRACY CAN. THAT WORD IS COURAGE. From surviving an abusive childhood to losing her husband and daughter in a car crash, Jennifer has carried the courage God gave her throughout her entire life. “From a…

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