The ONE Thing I Wish Everyone Knew About Depression & Suicide

As far back as I can remember, I have struggled with anxiety and fear. When I was a little girl I remember having nightmares and my mother would come in to comfort me. Almost always the nightmares were about losing her or my grandma Phyllis. 

When I was 19 I was on campus at The Metropolitan State College of Denver and in between classes I remember seeing a flyer about mental health. To this day I can picture the pamphlet folded in my hand that talked about anxiety and GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder.) 

It was the first time that I saw the symptoms that I was experiencing presented to me. I guess I had thought that everyone felt the way I did. Shortly after that, I made an appointment to see a therapist on campus and it was then that I was diagnosed with not only GAD but also SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder.)

Little did I know that following a medically necessary surgery that I had to have as a young mom of 3 that I would go on to battle deep depression and then suicidal ideation. Within years of that battle, I lost one of my daughters and husband in a horrific car crash. A year later I was diagnosed with PTSD.

The journey that I’ve been on to be this woman here today has been no easy task. At times, it’s been an outright bloody battle. 

Of all the things that I could share with you about mental health, this ONE thing by far is the most important and it changed my perspective on everything. 

If you or someone you know struggles with depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, PTSD, grief or addiction this course just might change your perspective.

My hope is that it will help you or someone you know. I want you to know, you are not alone and change is possible even in the midst of extreme circumstances, but you have to want it. I can’t do that for you. If you are out of hope you can borrow mine. If someone had told me 15 years ago that I would go from having 80% of the symptoms of PTSD to today where I manage 20% of the symptoms I would not have believed you. I believe in you, NEVER GIVE UP!

With Love, Hope, and Happiness,